Netflix’s Family Switch Promo


We captured the magic of Netflix’s Family Switch with a special promotional video featuring Jennifer Garner and Ed Helms.

To promote the holiday film Family Switch, Netflix invited local families to a winter wonderland where they gifted hundreds of Christmas trees, provided treats and games, and even surprised guests with appearances by the film’s stars Jennifer Garner and Ed Helms.

OM was brought in to help plan and produce a suite of video content that would maximize the impact of this exciting event and help promote the film. Our team captured delightful moments with Jen and Ed interacting with guests at the event and even followed along as the stars hand-delivered a Christmas tree to one lucky family.

The short was posted on the @Netflixfilm Instagram account and earned more than 3.3 Million views, helping propel Family Switch to the top 5 most watched Netflix films through the holiday season.

Watch the Promo on YouTube.

Client: Netflix x MKG

Los Angeles, 2023

Full-Service Video Production