BravoCon Fan Experiences


Since 2019, OM has been pivotal in transforming BravoCon into an immersive fan paradise.

From the very first BravoCon, OM has partnered with the Bravo marketing team to develop video experiences that resonate deeply with fans. Whether we’re inviting fans into the high-fashion world of "Project Runway" or giving them the icy thrill of "Winter House," our concepts are designed to deepen fans' connections to their most cherished shows.

At the core of these experiences lie meticulously crafted environments. From the oceanic practical effects in the "Below Deck" experience to custom tech implementations like Real Housewives’ personalized name overlays, every detail is fine-tuned to increase engagement. Our creative, technology, and production teams work together to ensure each setup not only looks great on camera but also enhances the overall vibe of the event. This commitment extends to guest flow and staff training, ensuring every interaction adds to an unforgettable experience.

The outcome? A phenomena of over 8000 fans receiving personalized videos in just three days at BravoCon 2023, for an estimated reach of over 5.5 million. These video experiences have become a fan-favorite each year, a testament to our ability to blend high-level production, custom technology, and creative storytelling into an exciting, transcendent fan experience.

Client: Bravo

New York City & Las Vegas, 2019-2023

Creative Direction

Experiential Design

Set Design and Fabrication


Custom Technology

Instant Video Delivery